Here’s what you need to do and what to expect from the hiring process.



Apply for any position by clicking on the “Quick Apply” button and submitting your resume and cover letter detailing the position or department that you would like to apply for. If your qualifications meet the position’s requirements, a U.S. Ordnance recruiter may contact you, via email or phone. Our recruiters reach out to candidates that best match the open positions that we are trying to fill. If you don’t receive a response, be patent, we may be considering you for another role in the company. Our organization is always growing, and the perfect career opportunity for you may be created soon.



The next step is, when prompted by a recruiter, to fill out and submit an online or pdf job application for the position you’re interested in. This will typically happen prior to a scheduled interview.



Initial and/or additional interviews, either in person or on the phone, will then take place. If applicable, testing/screening and licensure review will take place.



If you are the best fit for the position, U.S. Ordnance will send you a formal job offer. Once the offer is accepted you will be given a start date and any other necessary instructions.



As a new hire, we will guide you through the process of joining the U.S. Ordnance team.

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